Adam and Eve on a Raft: Eggs- putting ‘Trick’ in Trick or Treat

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Our neighborhood – once a quiet lane with moms pushing strollers, puppies, and Volvo station wagons – has grown up and Miley Cirus moved in…

Halloween used to be two hours of decorating with really cute pumpkins and spooky skeletons and two hours of popping up from the dinner table, or TV, to answer the door to see a parade of tiny princesses and pirates would call out “Trick or Treat!”

In the beginning, we were a “Snickers” house – tossing 3 mini Snickers bars into each little bag …When there were over 200 kids at our door – we graduated to the Costco Fun Bag of penny candy – that year we had 300  trick or treaters…we noticed the Moms, sans any costume had their hands out, too. There were a lot of tall junior-high kids…hands out – not a word…not a ‘Trick or Treat” – cadres of young girls in ripped shorts, low cut tight t-shirs, bit hair, big make up, giggling…


Last year, we turned off all the lights in front, and went to the back of the house, we popped popcorn, and watched two really creepy movies. I passed around a pumpkin-shaped dish with Snickers bars…


I like my eggs poached, he loves them scrambled with bacon, the big kids like French omlettes.

We found our front widows caked in icky eggs…

There goes the neighborhood- hello, Miley!

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One thought on “Adam and Eve on a Raft: Eggs- putting ‘Trick’ in Trick or Treat

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