Music: And the crowd went wild

Wall of painted spirals

Concerto for Orchestra

Our Creative Writing teacher told us to describe our lives in magazine titles- piece of cake. (Time, Seventeen, Bride, Good Housekeeping, Parenting, Sunset)

Our History teacher told us to select any character in California history we wished we could spend the day with. Easy: the wild and crazy guy- Emperor Norton in San Francisco.

Next, the Music teacher asked us to select music that most aptly described our lives. No hesitation: Bartok.

When I was 10, our ballet teacher brought a record to class that rocked our world. She introduced an avant guard musical concept: unconventional modern music. She suggested we dance with free interpretation. And the crowd went wild.

After a steady diet of Tchaikovsky, Felix Mendelssohn, and Igor Stravinsky we were enthralled by Bartok Concerto for Orchestra.... After mere seconds of hearing the alive and bizarre new sound – we threw ourselves across the room; our usual fluid and refined, elegant styles became linear and hard. We erupted into movements, which were uninhibited, unpredictable, staccato. We were on fire – running and leaping,  falling to the ground, spinning, bodies convulsed and contracted; we kicked into Stag Leaps landing with a thud on flat feet.
All rules were off.

And that was the beginning of breaking rules and finding a brand new world.

gree doorCue the Violins


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