Take a letter, Maria and send it to my Mom…


Dear Mom,

Guess what? I entered a writing contest. Yep! The deal is to write a hundred word story every day for a month. Piece of cake. I could do that in my sleep. These crazy city kids give you bizarre idea (cats, soup, beach towels) and tell you to go to town.

Remember the time our neighbor, Mr. Gee Willikers, lost his scrawny, whining old calico cat?

I never told you this, but Jesse and I kidnapped that cat (no, Mom, you can’t “catnap” a cat.) We grabbed that mean old cat and shoved it in a a pillowcase (yeah, Mom we took your favorite, lacey pink, Walmart number.)

We went off to the woods, but that darn cat made such caterwaul, we had to wrap it in a beach towel, and we put it in a tree stump to mute the sound.

Remember the old white-haired couple we called Mr. and Mrs. Q-tip because of their hair? They were in the woods mushroom hunting- for that soup she sold at the farmer’s market.

The two of them heard the cat in the stump and were dumb enough to rescue the angry, spittin’ and, clawin’ feline.

Jesse and I I hid behind a tree and watched the calico jump on poor old Mrs. Soup Maker while her husband lost his balance and fell down! That darn cat took off like a lightning bolt and we jumped in to help the poor old couple.

If you’re wondering why, all these years, there was a delivery of soup to the doorstep every week- it was from Mr. and Mrs. Q-tip.

I gotta go – my assignment is to write a letter to somebody. I think I will write to Donald Trump – he needs help.

Your loving son,

Ima Righterphoto_21517_20120317



3 thoughts on “Take a letter, Maria and send it to my Mom…

  1. maynotbesoanonymous November 12, 2015 at 4:32 AM Reply

    This is one of the wittiest of the assignment’s I’ve read. Nice post, Pinocchio. ☺


    • myammynew November 12, 2015 at 4:34 AM Reply

      Thanks! This is so much fun! You may like some of my other “a-musings”


  2. maynotbesoanonymous November 12, 2015 at 4:35 AM Reply

    Looking through your posts. ☺


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