The problem with Twitter- my short love affair


When I was eight, I published my first newspaper. I sold every copy!

My parents bought all three copies.

I carefully printed pithy stories about my older brothers, our dog and my mean Second grade teacher.

I used a Ticonderoga pencil #2 and a Big Chief Tablet.

I have been writing – often and passionately – ever since.

A star was born

I am famous for grocery lists, newsletters, Letters to the Editor and for my Dating at 50  bit for The New York Times “Modern Love.”

I know my limits

I’ve never met a writing challenge I couldn’t resist: Sonnet of the week, Haiku of the Day, Limericks for St Patrick’s Day, The Month Python Christmas Carols redux…

WordPress serves a challenge over the net  several times day – and I am there. I am all over it.

My love affair with Twitter started a year ago.

A friend suggested my business as a personal assistant would shoot into the sales stratosphere with a daily infusion of Twitter.

With guarded optimism, fueled by the mantra “everyone else is doing it”, I took the first step and clicked the magic green box: Get Started Join. Voila! I was in the game and all I had to do was start my English major engine and commence with copy.

Like a virtual virgin, I stumbled and stuttered. Reminiscent of a first date: it was slow and awkward. I vacillated between gushing sentences and a haiku-severe short style. Eventually, I hit my stride. I entered the shallow end of the Twitter pool and made tiny waves – twaves? Each day I would punch in a pithy prose describing my various gigs with my vast assortment of clients:

Hired Michael Angelo wannaba be to paint Sister’s chapel at Mercy convent. Not a masterpiece, but was hired to get entire building power washed. Really cleaning up.

Heroine and Heroin?

Before I knew it, I was Tweeting all day long. People loved me! My followers multiplied – I spent, nay – wasted hours cultivating and contributing. I was hooked.

I will spare you the sordid details of detox,Twitter sobriety and kicking the habit.

All this to say- I’ve got a Writing Program and Serenity Prayer – well over 140 characters= and, dude, I don’t Tweet.




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