Buzzkills: Don’t call her Sweetie, Cupcake, or Yum Yum


Top 5 BuzzKill Names of Endearment

The women have spoken and they don’t like men calling them ‘cutesie names’

A recent poll taken at a nail salon, a yoga studio, and sitting around a communal table at Lazy Bear revealed women don’t like being called Food Items (Sweetums, Cookie, Figgy Pudding, Mon petite cupcake, Cronut)


While most women admit that “Pillow Talk” is a secret language reserved for the boudoir and couples – they still don’t want to be called:

  • Sweetie Pie
  • Cupcake Cheeks
  • Kitty Cake
  • Angel Pie Eyes
  • Chocolate-cream Lips


Psst! Ladies

Are these terms of endearment  you use? 

  • Snuggle Man
    Cuddly Huggly Man
    Hugsy Wugsy Woo
    Cuddle Cakes Cutie
    Smoochy Woochy

Keep it to yourselves…



Let me call you Sweetheart


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Pour Some Sugar on Me

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6 thoughts on “Buzzkills: Don’t call her Sweetie, Cupcake, or Yum Yum

  1. Success Inspirers' World June 4, 2017 at 6:15 PM Reply

    I love using sweetie but didn’t know it was offensive to some. Do you mean that I stop using the word?


    • myammynew June 5, 2017 at 11:33 PM Reply

      It all depends whom you are addressing…social or professional or romantic…


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