A Night Owl and a Mourning Person- Merry Christmas?


Good Bye, California and Cashmere!

And turtle-necks, leather boots, scarves, and gloves, berets, blazers, and wool coats…

Hello Flip flops, sandals, T-shrts, sundresses, capris

and suncreen in December

(and January, February, March…)

To the land of No reindeer – lots of Pink Flamingos –

No Snow-flakes – Lots of Snow-cones…and Snow birds.

She was a night owl… he was a ‘mourning’ person.

They were polar opposites and very attracted.

She was peppy and perky and reveled in all the trappings of Christmas – from candy canes and wreaths, Christmas carols on the radio 10 hours a day, to red and white sweaters, socks and  warm hats, and mittens and mistletoe.

He was a Hanukah kind of guy. Not that merry – not that happy.

The six month sabbatical in South Florida was a meant be a lark – it turned out to be more of albatross.

She slept during the day – he was up early, ran three miles and wrote the book, did research and taught the class.

She wanted to explore, have adventures, hit the clubs, eat Cuban food and party. He didn’t. He wouldn’t.

Bam! One day – December 25th to be exact-he snapped out of mourning – took a page from her lifestyle book and threw the Boring Man towel in.

A Christmas Miracle!


Florida- where Palm Reading takes on a whole new meaning.


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2 thoughts on “A Night Owl and a Mourning Person- Merry Christmas?

  1. lifelessons December 18, 2015 at 4:54 AM Reply

    I’ve said it before. Love those happy endings.


  2. myammynew November 29, 2017 at 3:47 AM Reply

    Reblogged this on Myammy! Moving in together at 50… and commented:

    Holidays can be heavenly…or hell….


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