The gift that keeps on giving…and giving…


Two years ago, the lump of coal in the stocking was her nightmarish divorce.

He was an angry and contentious shark and his attorney, Annette H, was infamous, state-wide for blood-letting. The Family Court judge, Mare Swayback, had a sizzling reputation for plummeting blood sugar related temper tantrums.

The day she was liberated and formally divorced she celebrated with friends – Champagne, pizza from Trumpets and a huge tray of French pastries from Rue le Pic.

 The Problem:Holiday Melancholia

After the transfer to sunny climes, white beaches, palm trees and so many strip malls, Melanie slowly wilted away. She was in a fog of depression and culture shock  (Shock: there was no culture!)

The Panacea: Friends

In November, Melanie had a brain storm and invited her top 10 best pals from college to come for week long reunion.

They came, they saw, they laughed.


The gift you give yourself.

Merry Christmas.



Lyrics Bette Midler.


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