Timing: it was the best of times…


We met in North Beach at Cafe Roma in 2010

He was an espresso. I was a double latte.

We each sat at our individual marble tables soaking up the rare December sun. Both of us sipping coffee, our faces to the sun. Puccini ‘s Tosca was playing in the background.

I had just written the last gigantic check to my divorce attorney and the ink was finally dry. A long, sordid chapter in my life was over.

I was elated, shocked and relieved. I knew I should be surrounded by friends sipping Veuve Cliquot Champagne.

But, this felt right.  A huge wave of relief washed over me, followed by a sparkly burst of sublime happiness.

I remember it felt like a 1000 watt light bulb ignited…I was drenched in cliches and epiphanies. And, it wasn’t the caffeine.

You know how sometimes you are so excited you just have to “share” – with someone – anyone? Women have a propensity for this – we just do – it’s in our DNA.

I just felt so happy and liberated. I was formally “Single and Flying Solo”- no need for a co-pilot. Bravo for me.

Later, he told me I was positively beaming as I leaned over and asked him, “Do I look single?”

He was obviously taken aback and then laughed heartily and said, “You look too happy to be married.”

And that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

If I Could Turn Back Time


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