Oprah eats bread? Shifting gears in diet world?

Dean and deluca_1_2

Are Visions of Chocolate Babka Bread, CinnamonBuns, Bread Pudding Puffs, San Francisco French Bread, and French Toast dancing in your head?

If Oprah can do it- you can do it, right?

Oprah, the Queen of Dieting – claims she eats bread ever single day…on the Weight Watchers diet. Of course, the B-for-Billionaire owns 10% of the Company and has a personal chef, trainer, driver, maid, assistants – a small army – caring for her every need at all of her homes. 

No, Binkie. Oprah breathes the rarefied air of the very, very, rich. Not only did she drink the Weight Watchers kool-aid- she bought into it – literally.Oprah_ourdaiy_bread_-2

“Oprah Winfrey has helped to significantly fatten up Weight Watchers market value.The diet company’s stock — had been slumping for the last few years — soared after they  announced that Winfrey would take a 10% stake. The Billionaire Media Mogul Diet Queen -will also receive options to acquire an additional 5% stake, is joining the Weight Watchers board, too!” 


Let them eat Kale? Or The rich are different from you and me

Any woman who has been on a diet – weigh in here – giving us our Daily Bread- is generally not a good idea and moderation, spinach, kale, quinoa, Greek Yogurt, protein, gallons of water and exercise are better – a whole lot better.


Ix-nay Ead-bray

See Oprah Homes, Planes…

Sudden Shifts


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