Great Scott? Nope…another bad Scott… Governor’s wife

Tell me a story…Governor’s wife goes off deep end…bombs.

(See Daily Kos; Ann Scott reads to school school children)

The Governor’s wife, Ann Scott, decided to read to them a few passages from Patrick D. Smith’s A Land Remembered.

After reading a passage from the book that liberally used the terms “bastard,” “damnit,” and “son-of-a-bitch,” she read this passage:

“They turned left again at the mainland, cruising down Biscayne Boulevard, its northern section jammed with more motels and junk food shops, service stations, massage parlors, porno movies, bars, adult book stores, the sidewalks empty in the early morning sun but teeming at night with prostitutes and junkies and winos and professional muggers.

Then they came into the downtown business section of Miami, passing the MacIvey State Bank Building with the letters MCI across the front entrance, then Bayfront Park with more winos and junkies and panhandlers and muggers.”


theme park sideshow

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

Benjamin Franklin


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One thought on “Great Scott? Nope…another bad Scott… Governor’s wife

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