Set the table! Light the candles! Dinner is on?

Singles 2016 Dining Alone

Ask 10 Single Women what they usually have for dinner and you’ll hear responses like:

1. Quinoa
2.  Fruit and Greek yogurt
3. A bowl of soup
4. A sweet potato- embellished with condiments
5. An omelet
6. A tossed green salad
7.  Something from Trader Joe’s
8.  An apple, cheese and crackers, and a glass of wine
9.  Leftovers
10. Popcorn


Conversely, if you stand outside the gym at the JCC, Gold’s gym, or Trader Joe’s

(NOTE: This is a  great way to meet guys)  Ask a Single Guy what he’s planning for dinner that night you will hear:
1. Meat, potatoes, and salad
2. Pizza
3. Mexican food or Chinese
4. A Stouffer’s frozen lasagna, salad, and a bowl of ice cream
5. Lamb chops, potatoes au gratin, green beans
6. Chicken, corn, cheese, rice, beans, salsa and corn tortillas
7. Hamburgers or a Hungry Man Frozen Dinner
8. Barbecued something…
9. Piece of fish, green salad with all the fixings, a vegetable
10. Something he picked up at Pasta Pomodoro, KFC, or BK, or McDonald’s




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