They called her Dee Prive – behind her back


Time And Again

They called her names. Some of the names were clever, cute and mostly they were caustic. They said she deserved those funny names, the putdowns, the snarky ones. 

When she got her big break on television and started with a real television station, she was thrilled.  She called her parents and they said, “Oh no! Not FOX News!” 

That’s when the name calling started. 

Her elegant French Canadian name was Dee J’ DePrivee…

In no time, they were calling her Dee Prived.

It doesn’t take a genius to know, that you’ve got to change your name to Brittany or Michelle or Tiffany to get the right attention. Oh, yeah, wearing a cocktail dress while delivering the news is another attention getting dee-vice. 


And, “Michelle” was born…



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