Melania has a new address: Gettysburg


Thrilled by the success of her “gently plagiarized speech”

Melania has composed another speech – for the next time.

#I have a new address- it is Gettysburg! or “The Speech Whot I Wrote”

Like Fourscore and 7-ish years ago our dads brought forth on this continent a new nation, born in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all peeps are created equal. Yay!

Now we are engaged (yay, diamonds!)

in a not so great civil war… testing whether that nation (or , heck, really any nation) so born and so really, really, dedicated can long endure and last.

We met on the great battlefield of life ( Route 66) … We have come to dedicate a portion of that space as a like a final bed for those who here gave their lives

that that our really fabulous, glamorous  nation might live. On and on….

Yadda yadda yadda…


Someone had to “take the fall” and it certainly was going to be the The Third Wife.

Marla and Invana were giggling with glee.



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