Whatta trip: Face plant 101


There are no side walks in our treesy, breezy neighborhood.

People park on their front lawns. Yes, you read that correctly.

Up and down our street – scads of cars are parked on front lawns.  Super Ball Sunday – the entire neighborhood looks like a Used Car Parking lot.

The Tropical clime is perfect for massive trees to reach to the sunny sky and gnarly tree roots to pierce the soil and to grow – everywhere…

I love all plants – except the Face Plant.

Whatta trip? Shelia and Karyn were walking though the parking lot at a local grocery store. The pavement was bumpy as a result of all the massive trees and roots. Shelia tripped and grabbed Karyn for balance. Both girls went tumbling down. Shelia caught her fall, but her head bumped on the ground.

Ow! Karyn slowly corrected herself and stood up.

Her pal had really bumped her forehead and had a small laceration. She applied pressure with a fresh hankie and the two were off to find an ice pack.

As the friends walked away, slowly cursing the damn trees and the blanket-blank sidewalks they ascertained injuries and decided a quick trip to Urgent Care – to staunch the blood and continue the ranting.

There was a Letter to the Editor in the making…and one to City Hall and the Mayor…writing-1209121__180





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