Top 10 Best Friends: The Wild Bunch


A coterie of friends from college – 10 women who met when they were girls and gracefully blossomed into women, partied hearty this weekend.

They call themselves The Wild Bunch

They were celebrating turning 50 and wanted to kick up their heels. The self-appointed scribe of the group, Kelly, sent a recap of the ladies weekend. Through the decades, the friends have been through the highest highs and the lowest lows. Kelly indicated, at times, life was like heaven (weddings, babies, careers, white picket fences, celebrations) and hell, (teenagers, parents dying, and making ex-husbands).

The Wild Bunch gather annually to celebrate life and take a pulse on each other’s recent developments.

As fate would have it, six of the women are single and blithely swimming in the Suddenly Single and Dating Again World. After their celebration with champagne and exquisite pink cupcakes, punctuated with storytelling and paroxysms of laughter, the women compiled their own Top 10 List entitled:

Life is Short! The Wold Bunch- Our Top 10 List 

1. I won’t eat at a place with the words “Squat” and “Gobble” in the name.

2. I won’t respond to a man who sends me a photo of him enshrouded in a hat and sunglasses.

3. I won’t be impressed with anyone who sends a canned greeting (Hello Angel, does God know you left


4.I won’t wear Crocs, Uggs, Sweats, backpacks, Lanz nighties, shoulder pads, granny glasses or acid wash jeans.

I won’t meet anyone for a date in a parking lot, a bowling alley, or the Indy 500.

5. I won’t kiss and tell, but I might kiss again. And, again.

6. I won’t hesitate to delete grumps, grouches, boors, less than honest people from my life.

7. I won’t waste time with people who see the glass as chipped, broken or empty.

8. I won’t miss the opportunity for a hug or a kiss. Holding hands is a priority. To mis-quote I won’t meet anyone for a date in a parking lot, a bowling alley, or the Indy 500., “Candy is dandy – liquor is quicker and supine is divine.”

9.I won’t meet anyone for a date in a parking lot, a bowling alley, or the Indy 500.

10. I won’t let anyone rain on my parade. Life is a cabaret. I will sing and dance like my hair is on fire.

The remarkable “The Wild Bunch,” default to laughing, sharing, and supporting one another – 30 years ago they were new at the dating game- and here they go again – back in the dating saddle again.

Wishing them luck, hugs and kisses.




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One thought on “Top 10 Best Friends: The Wild Bunch

  1. martina2b December 22, 2015 at 8:02 PM Reply

    You can say that your wild friends are not going to wear Lanz nightgowns any more, but then I can’t belong. It is one of the most consistently comforting things in my life, and I love them very much. Love the hearts and flowers Biedermeier design, love the wide sweep of the chest/collar and gathers, and love the flannel! Love that tiny ruffle of eyelet! SO go ahead and get into your slinky bustier, just drop your Lanz nightie in my laundry hamper!

    Liked by 1 person

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