Cloudy with a chance of…divorce

Daring? Or merely Determined to live happily ever after?

Myammy! Moving in together at 50...


When Imogene was a very young girl her mother used to say, “If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything.”

Imogene was a quiet girl.

In school she learned about clouds – to her knowledge there were three kinds:Cumulus, Stratus, and Cirrus.  Living in Albuquerque, there were not a lot of clouds to see. Every summer, she visited her grandmother in San Francisco and she was transfixed by the California sky. The summer fog rolling in was like thick white blankets, every night.

In college, she met and married Harold. He was from South Carolina and had no intention of ever returning to that”god-forsaken state.” His father died the same day he graduated with his PhD from MIT. His mother begged him  to come and help with family business. She said it was her husband’s dying wish.

Begrudgingly, Imogene and Harold moved to South Carolina. There was hardly one thing she liked…

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