Nutty CA Couple hog all the water -net worth $4.3 billion


Stewart and Lynda Resnick  worth $4.3 billon

From Forbes Magazine


“For over four years a record-breaking drought has scorched central California with Old Testament cruelty.

Drive west of Bakersfield into the heart of the San Joaquin Valley and soon you will be engulfed by sloping brown hills broken up by dusty, slate-colored fields. Desolate little towns off the highway dot the parched landscape. Lost Hills (pop. 2,412) consists largely of a tamale shack, a mostly empty James Dean-themed shop, a dilapidated tire store and a rundown pool hall.

Yet there is an Eden. It’s a little to the west of Lost Hills, off Route 33.

Here there are rows upon rows of green–some 70,000 lush acres of water-hungry pistachio and almond trees.

Come at the right time of year and you’ll see the almond trees blossoming, covering the valley in a blanket of light pink petals.

PicMonkey Image-7

This land belongs to the billionaire Resnicks, Stewart, 77, and Lynda, 72. It’s the most valuable part of their $4.3 billion fortune.

Those crops and the land are worth more than ever before, about $3 billion.

The Resnicks Own :

  • 32,000 acres of California citrus,

    -Teleflora, the nation’s largest flower delivery service;

    • Fiji Water, the best-selling brand of premium bottled water;

    • Pom Wonderful, the iconic pomegranate juice brand;

    • Halos, the popular brand of mandarin oranges formerly known as Cuties;

    • Wonderful Pistachios, with its “Get Crackin'” ad campaign.

    The Resnicks are the world’s biggest producers of pistachios and almonds, and they also hold vast groves of lemons, grapefruit, and navel oranges.

    Coit tower, San Francisco, California

    ALL which collectively brought in $3.8 billion in sales last year.

NOTE: By their own estimates almost half of American households buy their products.

There may be Fiji Water everywhere but there’s not a free drop to drink in the country…

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Water, Water Everywhere? Not in California




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