Picmonkey made me do it!

Before she discovered Picmonkey…Alicia was a true blue, bored journalist.

A Masters Degree in Journalism, the short stint at a famous New York paper and a job at NBC News made her a bona fide reporter.

She was bored to tears and dreading the ever looming closure of her current place of employment. Newspapers and magazines were evaporating off the face of the earth.

So she started getting creative  with photographs. She discovered Picmonkey.com



big_dress_x1024And she claimed she could not resist on this one:



Or, these two…



All day long, in her condo in Coco Beach, she sits at her computer and creates. She now has a following. She is an Instagram and Snapseed savant

Then she sends them to me.

Tell me what you think.









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2 thoughts on “Picmonkey made me do it!

  1. thenuttybookblogger November 1, 2016 at 11:02 AM Reply

    I have to try PICMONKEY. Such a nice display of creativity. Bravo!!


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