Ms Eagle ruled the class with a wink and a nod

Everyone wanted to get into Ms Eagle’s class.

She had been teaching at the school for 11 years and parents went out of their way to ensure their kids would be enrolled her class – not the alternative fifth grade class. Secretive donations to the school  were made, gifts were given, events were catered by parents dying to get their kids and to Miss Eagle’s class.

Miss Eagle was famous for students showing up, participating, doing their homework and scoring exceptionally well on tests. It was said, she never raised her voice. A child was never sent to detention, nor were there any notes going home to parents regarding the poor behavior of her students.

When Tommy W was in second grade, he began to hear from his older siblings about Miss Eagle’s class. He knew he had to get in that class. The story goes, Tommy had seen his brother write messages on post-it notes. In third grade, Tommy wrote “mythical” on a posted note and put it near his bed.

He also wrote the word on his speech development class book.

One day his speech teacher asked him why it written the word on his book in red ink.

And in his  lisp he said, “I want to be in the mythical class.” At fiirst the teacher was confused and quickly understood Tommy wanted Miss Eagle.

(And not the mean teacher Ms WayBack)











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