Marty R didn’t have a chance


The nerd and the babe

Marty R admitted to being a little shy around women.

He was married right after college and was a dull, dutiful, dedicated, husband for 16 years.

A CPA, his favorite color was beige, his favorite flavor was vanilla and his favorite television show was Jeopardy, followed closely by The Big Bang Theory.

Marty R wore a pocket protector for years after they were deemed “Dork 101.”

Frustrated, his wife, Mary, dragged him to JC Penny to get rid of the high-water pants, the white socks and polyester everything. She guided him towards a more JC Penney hip look. He clung to that “look” for ten years.

Flash forward and his wife said she was b-o-r-e-d and could not bear to watch Jeopardy one more night. In no time, she was gone.

A year later, post divorce and the adjustment of living alone for the first time in his life – Marty R decided to make some changes. His therapist told him to get down from the cross and quit the martyr act. The irony was lost on Marty R.

Then he met Babs

Obvious to all around him, Marty R was classic nerd with zero fashion sense. He felt pretty confident with his polyester suits and neckties -so old – the neckties could double as spears.

Babs in Accounting took a fancy to our hero. She saw a sweet and kind man, making progress post-divorce and decided to make a pass at him.

To say he was a pushover, is putting it lightly. He fell for Babs on their first coffee date. He was so whipped, that when she commented on his wardrobe – he was agreeable to a makeover.

Their second date took them nowhere close to JC Penny and much closer to a romantic relationship. And so it began.





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