Playing by the rules? Amish Beauty Contest


The Amish Beauty Contest Rules stated:

No contestant shall use make up of any kind. There will be no hair coloring: no wigs, falls, extensions; no evidence of enhancements or plastic surgery. Clothing should be under stated and demure.




Barbara- soon to be called “Barbie” – given the long mane of blonde hair – was infamous for stealing boyfriends in high school.

The consummate flirt, she wore the shortest skirts, the tightest tops and rumor had it she “put out.” Guys from the senior class buzzed around her like crazy.

After being elected Prom Queen and Homecoming Queen, she signed up for a slew of Beauty Contests.

Eventually, a manager came into the picture and Barbie was off and running. There was a pageant every weekend – sometimes two. If she didn’t place “First” she was was always runner up.


Welcome to Come-Uppance, PA

Barbie flew into Philadelphia, the limo picked her up, and drove her to yet another a rural area. Her Personal assistant had arrived early with her suitcase and wig/make up bags. The girl was new and totally unprepared for her first pageant with Barbie. She assumed her client was “up to speed” about the locale and rules.

The long, sleek black limo arrived. A crowd formed. 

When, what to their wondering eyes should appear?

A real live Barbie doll.

The coup de gras? For the first time in her life, Barbie did not “place” First, Second or Third.

The young women had flocked to her for make up tips, and to touch her hair and marvel at her body and her nails and her clothes. Her fan based tripeld- albeit, a very discreet – quiet gaggle of girls.


Barbie a graduate of the Serena Williams school of thought :

If anything, you know, I think losing makes me even more motivated.

Serena Williams




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