Seniors: Party starts at 6pm done by 8pm


It was a dark and early Night…

The Tale of the the wild 6 pm New Year’s Eve Gala at “The Home.”

50% of the festive party attendees tip toed out to go to bed at 8PM.

The remaining “fun devils” headed home when party ended promptly at 9 PM.

Big Excitement: On the dance floor, the only two with some mobility and balance issues fell. Boom! There were no broken bones. Phew. Just Bruised egos and bums.

The Wanna-be Harry James Trumpet player in the band, The Ho Hums, warned everyone with hearing aids to remove their aids before he plays “his” song.  Scofflaws who failed to do so – then quickly removed said aids.

As the wild party came to a yawning halt at 8:55 PM, colorful hats and horns were distributed.

PicMonkey Sample

Approximately, 75% of the peeps were able to rally enough lung capacity to toot their own horns; all others just turned shades of blue…Luckily, no one lost consciousness.

The Biggest Mystery of the evening was the 6′ “new resident” female with sassy, blonde, tresses; probably around 70-ish, very thin, poured into a skimpy sequined frock, and skirt barely covered her upper thigh.

Unbeknownst to her, she was the floorshow –

All agreed, it was entertaining to watch Ms Mini Skirt  try to sit down with any modicum of modesty.

One retired minister’s wife asked  who “This new blonde woman” was. A gent replied, “You know, one can be fooled by first impressions. Most likely she is a brain surgeon or an astrophysicist on loan from Harvard.

Now, all the ladies are abuzz and are tempted  to find out who the blonde woman is, and where she is living and with whom? 

The mystery begins…

Once again, The Single Woman gets all the attentionThe Gils_5957Tempted


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