Toys and boys

Once upon a time, little boys loved to play with yo-yos, spinning tops and marbles. Hours could be spent, crouched in the dirt, launching cat-eyes, puries, peewees, and steelies. 

Sound Effects: If you listen to a passel of boys playing marbles, cars, shoot-em-up, cowboys, outer space – any number of games – it is all about sound effects.

Whoops n’ hollers, grunts, groans, the rat-a-tat-of a gun, the  whoosh of an arrow, the collision of two tanks, two cars, two  horses…the more unique the noise – the better.

And then, they get interested in playing ball

Little Boys and Noise – perfect match.12512576_10154001995572526_2046298530475976859_n


via Photo Challenge: A Good Match


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