Change the channel? Militant Church?

old-691069_960_720Spooky: It is called, Church Militant. A Right-wing fringe group building multimedia empire near Detroit

They broadcast Pro-life, Anti-gay, Anti-feminist, Islam-fearing, Climate-change-denying, Orthodox Catholic news on the website

They are oozing through social media using a high-tech, professional Production Studios that rival those at local TV news stations.

Got 35 full-time employees (and are hiring!)

They publish about 10 scary stories and three vile videos daily.

They rest on the Sabbath.

Once upon a time, they tried to link themselves to the Catholic Church and were given a resounding cease and desist and hasta la vista, baby.

Bless ‘em

Caustic Slurs, snipes and slams – seems to be their modus operandi;

See USAToday




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