Mope on a Rope

Boys to Avoid…Think: plague…

Myammy! Moving in together at 50...


Duncan was a dullard.

For a good time, he would dress up in women’s clothing- that got old fast. His wife had a fit. Never mind that he looked better in that little black sheath than she did…

He “got into nature” for awhile and created Natural Incognito Ensembles and frightened all the children in the neighborhood.

He was a man who did double crostics all day long- lapsed into a jigsaw puzzle mania on a monthly basis and fed the ducks.

His wife called him her Melancholy Baby.

Initially, his Trust Fund was magical and liberating. He quit his job as a CPA, threw out all his pocket protectors and bought a Honda. His wife laughed – aghast that he would go so “vanilla.” Where was his joie de vivre?

She took him by the hand and together they bought a red Jaguar.

She drives it. He thinks it’s too flashy…

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