Paul Ryan’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good Plan- Danger



New York Times

Last week, President Trump’s sketch of a budget underscored how little interest he has in the nation’s social insurance programs —

proposing to shift $54 billion next year to the militarygun-1845347__340

from the Civilian Discretionary Budget that funds many of the government’s social efforts.

“No other Congress or administration has ever put forward a plan with the intention of having fewer people covered.”


Under the House Republican plan,

24 million more Americans will lack health insurance by 2026, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

Of those, 14 million will lose access to Medicaid

and “choose” not to spend money — money they don’t have — on health insurance.


Millions more near-poor people in their 50s and early 60s will likewise be left without a policy they can afford.grandparents-1054311__340


Among those who survive, more are likely to report themselves in poorer health.
• Their rates of depression are likely to rise.
• Critically, their finances will certainly suffer.
• This provides a direct glimpse into how cutting off health insurance won’t just reduce access to health care among the poor.
• It will ricochet across society.


Just Say No – Do Not Accept


If American history provides any sort of guidance, it is that continuing to shred the social safety net will definitely make things worse.

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All of the above was lifted from the New York Times article by Eduardo Porter at the New York Times






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