Dirty old Man? AL Governor gets boot


Only in Alabama?

They are calling him a Dirty Old Man and The Great Pretender. The 74 year old Governor, a Baptist deacon, and  mild-mannered dermatologist had been lying, cheating and “catting around.”

People in ‘Bama aren’t happy and his wife of 50 years – privy to his”sexy” text messages, secret phone calls and sloppy affair is livid.

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley’s sexually charged phone calls with a younger female aide set off tabloid-like speculation in the Bible-belt state.



Look out: The Alabama State Ethics Commission is preparing to announce whether it believes he broke the law.

 The Legislature may try to impeach a governor for the first time in Alabama history.

Sloppy Seconds:  Mountains of salacious evidence – including text messages- on his phone and tablet and phone messages- were available for his now-former wife to access.  

Bentley claimed it wasn’t a physical affair, because he didn’t have intercourse with Rebekah.

 The Girlfriend Governor 

Bentley has been accused of using Alabama resources to pursue a torrid  affair with Rebekah Mason, a former TV anchor. Some say Mason  became so powerful, she was known in some circles as Alabama’s “De facto Governor.”

“I made a mistake,” Bentley said in a public apology to his family and state.



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