Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire…


Henry J. (45, plumber, hiker “damn fine cook”) said he was tired of meeting women online who claimed to be 40 and were really hovering around 60.

Henry J has been single for five years and approaches Online Dating just as he does his job; he is organized, friendly, professional and, as a result: successful. Sometimes.

Humble to a fault, he called himself a plumber – truth be told, there were 15 minivans in three cities with his company name emblazoned upon them. He had three offices, a staff of 50 and enjoyed a very good life. He wanted to share this chapter and was having a dickens of time finding  Ms Right.

In the beginning, he was gobsmacked by the parade of women he met on Yahoo Singles, then; then he tried EHarmony. He looked at Plenty of Fish and turned away. It was Plenty Offish.

Who Nose? 

Henry J had once wed a woman who was addicted to a little “Nip and Tuck.” She kept going back for more and more plastic surgery and – in the end- he barely recognized her. There were myriad other problems in there marriage. He knew a thing about “enhancements.”

His last date was Mimi. Her photos indicated a blonde bombshell with interests in fishing, golf, skiing, and travel. A true gentleman, he contacted her, they spoke on the phone – briefly – she sounded very sweet and laughed in all the right places and he suggested meeting at Kaluz for coffee.

Three days later, he sat at the  table and waited 20 minutes for Mimi to show up. She arrived in a swirl of perfume and no apology for her lateness. Her skin was as tight as drum. He thought she was enchanted with him – then realized the look of surprise was frozen on her face. When he asked about skiing and golf – she said as a teen she enjoyed those sports. 

He concluded ol Mimi  was out there lying about just about everything.

He coined the term  Out Liar.





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