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Summertime – and the dressing is light


Seersucker, linen, pastel summer dresses, wispy blouses, and large floppy hats. Sunscreen, sunglasses, parasols,  Bug-be-Gone.

Wonderful Picnics, hikes, walks, strolls, swimming dates, tennis, ping-pong, croquet, Bar-b-cues, overnights, camp-outs, and star gazing.


Everyone knows: What bugs most people in the summer?



Look out! Betsy D is on rampage

Keeping An Eye on Secretary DeVos




From Elizabeth Warren


“Last week, Secretary DeVos and President Trump’s Department of Education released a budget that would upend the student aid program and make it much harder for students to afford college and repay their student loans.

At the same time, the head of the federal student aid office abruptly resigned amid reports of political meddling by DeVos.

“That’s why today I am announcing a new project to hold Secretary DeVos’ Department of Education accountable.


DeVos Watch will seek information about the Department’s actions and inactions around federal student loans and grants and highlight the findings.

People can also participate directly by tracking the Department’s actions, submitting oversight suggestions or filing whistleblower tips.”