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He bragged: hundreds of Ex-girlfriends

He once bragged they could fill part of Yankee Stadium with all of his Ex-girlfriends.

A Big Part. Not counting the bleachers. Lower level. Odd rows only. 

The Guy could brag.


On his online dating profile he bragged;

1. “I will be the greatest first date guy that God ever created.”

2.“I’m really rich! I’ll show ya when I see ya.. And by the way: I’m not even saying that in a brag.”

3.. “I will build a great wall . . . and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me.”

4. “Planning our first date? I would use the greatest minds. I know the best negotiators. I’m in New York — I know the good ones, the bad ones. I always say: ‘I know the ones people think are good.’ I know people you’ve never heard of that are better than all of them.”

Marie Clare kept track of the audacious and outrageous claims this dufus created.

people-1105593__340There is a difference between conceit and confidence.

Conceit is bragging about yourself.

Confidence means you believe you can get the job done.

Johnny Unitas