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Write In: Linda Staiger


Remember the Bubble

Staiger For  Member Columbia District School Board

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Manafort: Known by the company you keep


Tell me who you walk with, and I’ll tell you who you are.  Santiago


“A mirror reflects a man’s face, but what he is really like is shown by the
kind of friends he chooses.”           Colin Powell

 Trump’s Campaign Manager Paul Manafort joined Donald Trump‘s Presidential campaign team in March 2016 and served as Campaign Manager from June to August 2016. 

Manafort has extemely serious indictments against him

They include 12 Counts Which Include:

  • Conspiracy against the United States of America;

  • Conspiracy to Launder Money;

  • Being an Unregistered Agent of a Foreign Principal – in this case Ukraine

     Seven Counts of Failure to Report Foreign Bank Accounts and Transactions. 

“Now that Manafort and Gates have been indicted on 12 counts of money laundering involving at least $18 million,

setting up secret overseas bank accounts through which $75 million flowed,

lying to federal authorities,

and operating as unregistered foreign agents for the government of a Ukrainian leader who is linked with the Russians, and

now that it has been revealed that George Papadopoulos (a Foreign-policy Adviser to Donald Trump – who urged the candidate meet with Russian officials) has Pleaded Guilty to lying to the FBI!

the word from the White House is that Trump barely knows these guys.





Not a fluff piece…

Stinkey Zinke and Whitefish larceny



Tiny, unheard of, Montana company – who contributed huge amounts of money to Zinke was handed

a $300 Million contract –

in Montana?

No Puerto Rico. 

Get this: 



It gets MORE Surreal

A copy of the deal highlighted by reporter Ken Klippenstein reveals that the Government is NOT  allowed to "audit or review the Cost and Profit elements" under the ZINKE Agreement, 
allowing the company greater "discretion and secrecy"
 for how it spends the $300 Million
 to restore power to the island.

 Puerto Rico is rebuilding after two major hurricanes 
wiped out most of the island's electrical grid.



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To tell the truth online? Maybe

15369922_1393636857336651_9025385505994077622_o-3Catherine has a high profile job in a fancy San Francisco law firm. Her private office with a view, on the sky high floor of the Embarcadero, was the result of countless wee- hours spent “chained to her desk.” She had been known, like her colleagues, to pop in to the Ladies – pull off yesterday’s blouse and pull on a fresh, starched, blouse, re-apply make up, put her hair in a bun (ponytails don’t cut it on the 35th floor) and return to her desk. Another day …

At her college reunion – she noted lots of the girls were sporting diamonds on their left hands – many were engaged or married. Three of her old friends were preggers. She had been out of touch – lamenting  the “nose to the gridndstone” life she was living.

Casey, one of the mean girls, stood next the Catherine at the wine bar and blunty asked her why she wasn’t married. Taken aback,  Catherine bragged she was on the Partner Fast Track at the law firm and didn’t have time. Casey sneered and said, “You can’t sleep with a Tort or a decision. Try online dating. I did – look!” And she waved a multi karat dazzler in front of Catherine’s face.

The wheels began to turn and churn. Should Catherine do the “Tinder isn the Night” thing? Could she use a fake ID?


Stay tuned…


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What is wrong with this Picture?!


A Two-man company, in tiny town Montana

 got a $300 million Puerto Rico Contract

…directly connected  to Trump officials and  GOP donors.

Can you spell Zinke?

The bizarre decision to instead hire a tiny for-profit company is drawing heavy scrutiny from Congress

and comes amid concerns about bankrupt Puerto Rico’s spending as it seeks to provide relief to

its 3.4 million residents,

the great majority of whom remain without power a month after the storm.

#45 tapped Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke, who was raised in Whitefish, to be the nation’s next Secretary of the Interior,

He is responsible for (mis)  management of federal land and natural resources.


The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority recently signed the contract with Montana’s Whitefish Energy…  At the time, the firm had  two full-time employees. The contract was awarded without a competitive bidding process.

Cruz, the mayor of Puerto Rico’s largest city, described the Montana company as inadequate and said there appears to be a lack of “due diligence” behind the contract.


“These men ask for just the same thing, fairness, and fairness only. This, so far as in my power, they, and all others, shall have.”

Abraham Lincoln


Love me, Tinder? No way


Dreams of candlelight, roses, romance and rapture?

Avoid Tinder at all costs.

The Big Daddy of Online Dating, Barry Diller, the King of of IAC,  is the money behind a dozen of your favorite Dating Sites- including, Chemistry, OKCupid, Our Time, and Senior People Meet.

Diller’s latest game in town called Tinder ( has an estimated 50 million users. Really.

Note: Most users are bewteen the ages of 18-35.

Confused by all the fuss about the word swipe?  

Of course you are! Webster will tell you Swipe means to steal, pilfer, lift. On the Dating Website, Tinder- it’s all about swiping.

Swipe Right if you like me? Check out  The How To Tinder and, Lordy, Good luck!



Florida: Beaches and bugs?

What really bugs me about….

Myammy! Moving in together at 50...

beach_locusts_7_8colThe perpetually Sunshine State may be all about miles of white sandy beaches, warm aquamarine waters, and stately palm trees but, it also is the Bug Capital of the region.

“La Cucaracha” was a song about bugs that we sang in 8th grade Spanish class. Here, they are your roommates.

Our backyard is a vast tropical expanse. There are a dozen palm trees of varying sizes and a massive Star Fruit tree that drops bitter yellow blobs at an alarming rate.

Forget about sitting quietly and meditating while gazing upon this lush, green paradise. Everywhere you look, slithering on every tree, table, chair fencepost -are lizards, geckos and chameleons and the occasional black snake. They say the snakes are benign and supposedly good luck, however, that rising up like a Cobra-thing they do before they dart and gobble up lizards is gross.

Early on, the perpetual optimist, I thought…

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