Too many guns…Blame Heller?

“In 2013, as Nevada Senator Dean Heller faced a critical vote on firearm safety issues, he selected a strange place to contemplate his feelings on the issue.”

… He returned to his hometown of Carson City and ate with his family at an IHOP restaurant—the same one where a gunman went on a rampage in 2011, killing four people and injuring more than a dozen others before killing himself.

In the process, the gunman unloaded a 30-round magazine clip and rocked the sense of safety in the small Nevada community.

later, Senator Heller (NRA FAN ) voted against renewing a ban on assault weapons.

He voted against limiting the size of magazines to 10 rounds.

He voted against a bipartisan proposal to extend background checks.

All the while- Heller kept his A+ Popular rating with his friends at the NRA.

He was and is in the back pocket of the nefarious NRA

while making it clear he  “put in some deep-thinking”

… before doing exactly what the NRA wanted.”


Heller of Nevada



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