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Village Idiot babbling incoherently


Me, smart, too

Florida’s Freshman Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) doesn’t mention University excellance, his GPA’s, SAT scores, or any scholastic accomplishments…he is just a good ol boy…

Mere minutes after getting sworn in he grabbed the mic and commenced to make a fool of himself.

All the world is watching and laughing at Little Matt



Ginger Lee – famous stripper quits


Ginger Lee, Atlanta’s Finest, was famous in many circles.

She started out in Burlesque – quickly mastered Pole Dancing and after having her first set of twins – followed in the steps of Sally Rand and grabbed a massive feather fan.

Her success was fleeting…and Ginger left the stage and moved to Our Nation’s Capital where many of her old friends worked.

She like to say that she worked under some of the biggest politicians in the nation.

In no time, she had a job at the EPA.


Wacko White Woman wows team with her naivete

In college, Kathy Hartnett was a party girl. She rarely attended classes and was a regular at the Student Union, nursing a Coke and pretending to study. She hung around with the football team.

She admitted, her goal was to her “MRS” at school. She said “her daddy didn’t raise no dummies.”


In Washington, it is not what you know – but who you know.

“Power Stations and Smoke = Good for Trees” KH White

A proclaimed “Science Hater” Kathy loves the attention she is getting. Her pal, #45, has catapulted her to fame and she loves the attention. A lot of the guys from the Football team are texiting her.

FR: The Huff Post

“Most of Trump’s nominees for other key science-based positions — notably EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt — agree with White’s twisted take on climate science and renewables.

What sets her apart, besides her penchant for calling advocates for combating climate change “pagans,” “Marxists” and “communists,” is her up-close-and-personal experience with climate change-related extreme weather events.”