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Robert’s Rules of Order Vs Trumps Tricks

The Departing Consumer-Finance Director played it smart.

Richard Cordray clearly moved to thwart Trump by appointing a new deputy director, Leandra English  before resigning.

Cordray — signaling that the Bureau has no intention of letting the president name his own acting director.

For her part, Leandra English isn’t backing down. Brava!

On Sunday, English also sued Trump and Mulvaney in federal court, pointing out that the Dodd-Frank Act which established the CFPB clearly states she is next in the line of succession at the agency.

Mick Mulvaney


Old #45: Not so popular…

November 27, 2017

Only 41 percent approve of the job Trump is doing.

Don’t let the same dog bite you twice.

Chuck Berry


Yikes! The holidays are upon us, already?


Holiday Madness:

… on my heels like so many barking, braying, hunting dogs as I skip along darting in and out of shops and websites thinking: turkey, cranberry, gifts for the ex-in-laws, coal for the Ex, a necktie for lousy lover from EHarmony with ego the size of the Transamerica Pyramid.

***Bake cookies for therapists, Life Coach, trainer, and running partners.

***Order pencils with names emblazoned upon them for writing group.

Like wolves howling at a full moon: The threats of holiday madness – scratching at my door.

The frenetic and the frantic and I’m so freaked

There are the cards, the cookies, cranberry, the dreidels, the Christmas Carols, Ted and Alices, for dinner parties. Book club gifts, Stitch and Bitch trinkets to buy, tchotchkes for the Pilates pals (all those overachievers with Botox- so much Botox.)

Purchase Papyrus holiday cards for clients and Ex- clients and commence with the annual scouring the address book for once a year pals – they are the Hallmark friends- the list grows longer every year.

Do I compose a Christmas letter one filled with fallacy and fol der rol? Embellished to the max to make a dull life look like Florida perfect, sunshine, beaches, lush gardens, multiple beaus, and a social calendar ablaze with what’s haute and hot?

I have a cadre of fans– who long for my Sunshine State life and they are buried in snow in dull times three Pennsylvania and Upstate New York, Wisconsin, and Montana.

They want to read about my romances and rendezvous -my glamorous weekend jaunts to the resorts, the Keys, San Diego and Beverly Hills.

There is no way I can tell them the truth.

I’m not a well-rehearsed, practiced, fiction writer for nothing!