Twinkle, Twinkle, little spark?

Online Dating is not for the faint of heart

Richard, 40, still single,  and frustrated hired an advertising whiz to create his clever online Dating Profile.

The man wrote a dazzling script about Richard: highlighting his great wit and sensitivity, his good looks and his numerous successes. The essay was a masterpiece. On Monday, he posted the profile and sat back  and waited for the women to bite.

Women shop-men buy

Richard had explicitly stated he was only willing to travel 40 miles to meet anybody.

He was swamped with messages  from women in Arizona, Alabama, and  Arkansas. There was no way in heck he was going to engage with anybody from Alabama or anybody beyond his geographical range.

Feeling confident by the outpouring of attention,  he sent local woman back to what he considered a “pithy note.” Unfortunately, his writing style was more civil engineer than  poet or playboy. His writing style was a far cry from the advertising executive.

After two weeks, Richard deleted his flashy, braggadocio profile

He decided to go honest and forthright. He penned a cute note about his puppy, Sparkle. He even shared the funny poem he wrote in six grade: “Sparkle, sparkle, little Twink, what the heck you are I think.”  He didn’t receive a fraction of the attention he received  the firsttime.

All you need is one

Angie, 42, divorced, no kids, knitter supreme and a gourmet cook dropped Richard a line saying she had a puppy as a child named Twinkle and she lived in his very city. They met for coffee – both as nervous as teenagers on a first date and have been  together ever since. He said she had pizazz and sparkle. She thinks he is kind and funny. A Match!




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