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Be cool on the Hot Seat

Myammy! Moving in together at 50...

Hot Seata_3145

Each day, twelve different employees report to my office, individually, to report their successes and challenges of the month. They each get five minutes.

A quiet Zen-chime rings at the five-minute mark and they know they must stand, say “Thank you.” I say, “Thank you for your time.” They close the door as they depart.

New employees trip all over themselves and fumble and stumble and eventually master the fine art of The Hot Seat.

Our company has used this Kaizen Way technique for a decade.

From my point of view, the employee is heard, their message is concise and well thought out and we are all better for it.

“Confront the difficult when it is easy;

Accomplish the great ask by a series of small acts.” – Tao Te Ching



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