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Ow! Miami Chiropractor hurts,on so many levels. Caveat emptor, baby

theme park sideshow

There were huge red flags flapping, waving, and snapping and she didn’t look up.

In dire pain, and far from home, Cassandra asked friends and sales clerks if they knew of a good chiropractor. The check out woman at Whole Foods raved about her “guy” and happily passed his phone humber to Cassandra – with the pain in her neck.


First, she looked for his  “Yelp” reviews – nada. She Googled him- found only his phone and address and old references to membership in the South Florida Chiro Club.

She called the number – he answered the phone.

 It is Unusual for a Dr to answer phones and make appointments – but he did.

He had openings…when did she want to come in?


She made an appointment for that day – and easily found the office tucked into an old house in Fort Lauderdale. He was sitting at the receptionist desk. (Hmmm, again)

He was wearing an old, wrinkled, white medical coat…who does that?

The office was large -a warren of many rooms – with a disheveled feel.

He led her into an Exam Room and did an “Intake” interview. The table tops and shelves were very dirty. He needed 409, Windex, Cleansers…a janitor. This gave her pause, again.

The penultimate gesture was to have her lie on her back – legs up – the yoga position: Happy Baby. Really?  Never in 12 years of Chiro Appointments had she been asked to assume this pose. Bizarro – and off-putting.

The ultimate: she knew the Quack was a Whack when he mentioned, “Foreplay must he rough.” What?! 

Who talks like that?


 She tried to call the Better Business Bureau – it closed in Florida a long time ago – a nefarious Scam-ster bought the name – hooked up telephones and sells BBB Certificates to one and all.

She tired to Yelp the guy – you can’t do that in Miami – the Chiros take out YELP ads stating they are out of business….a YELP scam…

Be careful out there. Stop: When a Dr claims to have been a  Neurosurgeon and later  becomes a Chiropractor.