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Top 6 Reasons to end “The Sessions”

Oh, Jeff! Thou protest too much…

Myammy! Moving in together at 50...

Yes…PicMonkey Collage-24Jeff Sessions is a  very big problem: 

1. He supported the Texas voter ID law – the strictest voter ID in the country, meant to stop African Americans and Latinos from voting.
2. He reversed the Obama Administration directive to stop using predatory, for-profit private prisons.
3. He reinstated the Failed “War on Drugs” with very harsh mandatory minimum sentences for low-level, nonviolent drug offenses.
4. He rolled back investigations of police departments that commit civil rights violations.
5. He announced a Probe on college admissions programs to twist and distort federal Civil Rights Laws.
6. He promised /THREATENED  to withhold federal funding to cities with immigration policies he doesn’t like.

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Phrase never uttered in FL:Cute as a bug

black and white insect on green leaf

The perpetually Sunshine State may be all about miles of white sandy beaches, warm aquamarine waters, and stately palm trees but, it also is the

Bug Capital of the Region.

“La Cucaracha” was a song we sang in 8th grade Spanish class. Here, they are your roommates.

Our backyard is a vast tropical expanse.  There are a dozen palm trees of varying sizes and a massive Star Fruit tree that drops bitter yellow blobs at an alarming rate.

Forget about sitting quietly and meditating while gazing upon this lush, green paradise.  Everywhere you look, slithering on every tree, table, chair fencepost -are lizards, geckos and chameleons and the occasional black snake.   They say the snakes are benign and supposedly good luck,  however, that rising up like a Cobra-thing they do before they dart and gobble up lizards is gross.

Early on, the perpetual optimist, I thought I might take up gardening, and tame our backyard.  Naïvely, I gently lifted a dangling vine, only to uncover a huge, shiny, 3-inch, brightly colored red and green bug.  All aspirations for gardening ended then and there…

To the mall and beyond!