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Dr Slice and Dice – Florida’s finest

A real Cut up?!

Myammy! Moving in together at 50...

pink high rise building
Breasts, Buttz, and Nose

My new dentist’s office was located in a towering pink and white skyscraper. White sky scrapers are everywhere. In South Florida- buildings with pink stripes are not unusual. On Dixie Highway, people in the know call the building “Knose, Bressts and Butts.   The Pink Palace is the go-to address  for a plethora of plastic surgeons…who makeup up the majority of tenants.

My appointment with a dental hygienist was slated for 7:30 AM with directions to arrive early for paperwork.

As I pulled into the vast garage- where even the walls were painted pink and white- I saw a parade of sleek, black, limos lined up …out the length of the building.

 There I saw, one by one, women swathed in bandages and headscarves gently assisted into the limos and whisked away.

As a parked my yellow VW bug, I was intrigued by the car choreography.


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At first, he was Mr Right – then not so much

Falling in and out of love, again?

Myammy! Moving in together at 50...


Julie fell madly in love with John before she even met him.

Her best friend, Cathryn, had been ‘selling’ him to Julie for three months before he even moved to California.

“You are going to love him!” was Julie’s mantra. Next, she would launch into how much John and  Julie had in common. The list was uncanny. They were both Yankees fans, Aires, Skiiers, quasi vegetarian, hiking-biking Mother Nature lovers who loved to cook.

For two years, Julie had dated a passel of people on and was both depressed by dating and at her wits end. This John guy sounded good.

Flash Forward six months: John arrives, moves in a mile away and they meet. Their first date is four hours long and has Hot Romance written all over it. Their second date is twice as long – twice as much fun -and Julie was falling hard and fast.  John is…

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Picmonkey made me do it!

In the eye of the beholder….

Myammy! Moving in together at 50...

Before she discovered Picmonkey…Alicia was a true blue, bored journalist.

The  Masters Degree in Journalism, the short stint at a famous New York paper and a job at NBC News made her a bona fide reporter.

She was bored to tears and dreading the ever looming closure of her current place of employment. Newspapers and magazines were evaporating off the face of the earth.

So she started getting creative  with photographs. She discovered


big_dress_x1024And she claimed she could not resist on this one:


Or, these two…


All day long, in her condo in Coco Beach, she sits at her computer and creates. She now has a following. She is an Instagram and Snapseed savant

Then she sends them to me.

Tell me what you think.


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