Beware The ‘Male Mail’ Point of View? 

letters and an eyeglass on table

In the 1976 movie, Network, actor Peter Finch,  screams an impassioned “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” Ironically that’s the same theme of many e-mails recently filling the Larkin letterbox. A number of single men have written to eloquently state how challenging it is to be a single man in the year 2020.

The consistent message from the Male Mail is: Tell women to lighten up, to be more approachable and encourage men’s attention. 

Men report it is  like a Social Cold War out there with too many cold shoulders and cold stares. The overall request is: to warm up and reciprocate in day-to-day and  the flirting world.

Jimmy in Fremont wrote that men are tired of the chase and the chaste.  

Pablo commented he is a feminist and a confus-ist .He enjoys holding a door open and standing when a lady approaches. He was trained by his parents to be polite. And he is confused when women don’t appreciate that mode of behavior.

Another comment came more as a hypothetical: Alan asked, “What would you do if you saw  three women sitting at a table having tea, and one was very attractive to you. The question being: would you walk away, brush it off, and merely forget about it? Or, would you walk over to the table, politely introduce yourself, apologize for the interruption, and give the attractive woman your card and encourage her to call you? Several men described similar approach or avoidance scenarios and asked what the proper tact would be.

Ladies, what would you suggest?

The most lucid comment came from Anon. who indicated women should be open and friendly, in general. 

Both men and women need to increase the gracious side of treating and being treated with respect and affection. He suggested, if more men and women responded to subtle, and not so subtle, signaling, then more magic and more romance would happen between us. You’ve got my vote.

Ladies, what would you suggest? 


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