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Just try to cancel the New York Times online

Mary’s first job after college – just a temporary gig- was to be a telephone solicitor for a Mortuary and Cemetery.

She thought she was hired because she was smart, attractive and a college graduate. Then she met her fellow telephone solicitors.

The training took 20 minutes. Brunhilde, the trainer, gave everybody a binder, and instructed candidates not to open the binder. 

Brunhilde, the sales manager said something about completing a quota of phone calls every 30 minutes. The goal was to reach out and speak to people and tell them about the wonderful mortuary and cemetery deals the company offered. If anyone expressed an interest, the call was directed to her, the Big Guns across the desk. If anyone had a question or “Stop order” (AKA stop calling me)  all you would have to do is look at the tabs in the binder, find a similar topic, open and read the comment to the potential customer. There was an answer for each comment or question.

Example: We can’t afford it. Binder: Try The Layaway Plan

Mary lasted three days doing phone calls – fielding questions, complaints, inquiries, hang ups and not making one single sale. A learning disaster.

What she did learn was how to deal with telephone solicitors.

FlashForward and Mary’s effort to  cancel her online New York Times subscription.

She went to her online account and clicked “Cancel” which immediately took her to another window – where she was prompted, nay coerced, to call the New York Times or start “A chat.”

There was no way out

She called the 800-number and spoke to Tiffany – as succuinctly as possible she said she wanted to cancel her account.

Tiffany wanted more. She pressed why was Mary canceling. To close the conversation, Mary said she was moving. (Wrong answer, Binkie!)

Tiffany said to hold the line. Mary realized Tiffany was going for the Big Guns – the Brunhilde. Seconds later, a gravelly, female voice greeted Mary and reconfirmed the fact that Mary wanted to cancel her account.

The woman asked her “why” she was canceling. Mary replied it was “personal.”  The deep throated woman pressed again, and asked why.

 Mary replied, “I do believe I just told you it was personal.  I want to cancel my account today.”

Again, the pushy-pushy broad tried.  UPS was knocking at the doo, Mary said she had to go.

And, pushy old Big Guns would not give up. She tenaciously growled she had one another question. Big Guns launched into “Do you realize you are giving up the best journalism et cetera et cetera et cetera blah blah blah?”

Mary said, “Yes, please cancel the account.”

“When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.”
― Maya Angelou


Didn’t get into Collage…

Spelling was not my Strong Suite…

Training is everything. The peach was once a bitter almond; cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.

Mark Twain

The Russians are coming! Again…really?

Ask your Grandfather.

Your Grandmother…aunts and uncles…

Kids growing up in the United States in the 60’s were well aware that Russia was our enemy.

From the end of World War II until the early 1990s, the world faced a period of international tension and competition called the Cold War.

The United States and the non-communist world faced extraordinary circumstances, which they saw as a threat to World Peace, Democracy, and Security:

Soviet development of Atomic Weapons,
Soviets flexing their newfound Nuclear muscles,
Soviets extending their political ideology into Europe and elsewhere.

The Federal Civil Defense Administration to the Rescue!
The Government  responded to heightened public anxiety by creating the Federal Civil Defense Administration = lto instruct the public about how to prepare for a nuclear assault. Imagine the fear.

The Eisenhower Administration distributed information to educate Americans about how they could protect themselves.

Survival literature was written primarily for a suburban audience, since it was assumed that cities would be targets and most urban dwellers would not survive.

Everyone knew, the Golden Gate Bridge would be a likely target.


The Golden Gate Bridge

Officials at the FCDA stated that if people were educated and prepared for a nuclear attack, they could survive an atomic bomb and avoid the wholesale death and destruction that had occurred at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Decades of Abject FEAR And LOATHNG OF RUSSIA- For Good Reason

The Soviet had heightened development of Atomic Weapons,
The brazen Soviets were flexing their newfound Nuclear Muscles, threateningly…again.
And, The Soviets were coldly and boldly  extending their political ideology into Europe and elsewhere.

 A recent Forbes Magazine article, sends a note to #45 instructung him on the impractical, inane and insane relations we have with Russia.


The Trump Boys: Perfect Examples of No Grit.


Daddy Knows Best? A Joke!

Dr Cranium was in the middle of a complicated brain aneurism/corrective surgery when he needed a break  – he asked his daughter, the hospitial Candy Striper to take over.

General Patton Eishenhower Grant was involved at at National Security Conference pertaining to Russian Intel and – had to take a call about a July 4 Fireworks Committee – he asked his daughter, Mimi, the Girl Scout, to sit in for him at the Classified Event with 16 Generals. 

Captain Elmo Washington, the head of the NYC Fire Department, was at the site of voracious, devastating fire – and needed to get away for a bit. He asked his daughter, Macy’s top Chanel Cosmetics Clerk, to take over in his absence. Carley refused to don any protective gear – she thought it would wrinkle her ensemble and “smoosh” her hair.


Just three typical examples of what men with responsible jobs do when they need to step away.

Have one of your kids sit in…No Knowledge Required.




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Make America Kind Again?

What will it take?


Success is not final, failure is not fatal:

it is the courage to continue that counts.

Winston Churchill


Driscoll slinks away from Cathedral

The Going Away Party for Fr Driscoll was long-awaited.

He had been at St Marys Cathedral for one year and had successfully alienated dozens and dozens of church-goers and staff


And the crowd went wild!


He was not a Star at the Star of the Sea– was asked to leave. Huzzah!

Kicked out of town…again.


Next – he will try his hand at St Veronica’s – for One Year-  that seems to be his record. 


The atmosphere at the Cathedral is much improved with news of pushy Driscoll departure.


The Sun will shine again, tomorrow!

Sunny skies


Your Mom would be shocked- bad behavior

Denise and Clay both  drive for Lyft in San Francisco

They both agree,  it’s a great gig.

What shocks the living daylights out of them is the number of “kids/millenials ” who call for a Lyft and get in the cab without saying a word.

Zero. Zip. Nada.

Not “Hey,” “Hi,”  “Dude, how ya doing?” “Wow! is it hot!”  and never, Neve ever, “Thanks.”


The drivers said their passengers are Zombies. No personality, No affect. 


Denise avoids  Rush Hour driving – the “kids” seem to hold the  drivers responsible for the slow traffic, traffic jams, red lights, or Van Ness Blvd being ripped up.

Yes, they do.