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She thought she said ‘gray’

birthday-cards-owl-quote-2Lori was an avid bicyclist. She belonged to two long-distance clubs and they travelled. There were five other single women in the group. Yes, they were competitive and a bit aggressive – however the women had a bond. They were all – nonchalantly- on the look out for: Rodney Right- Mr Big – The One.

Most of the men in the group were married, engaged or rabid riders who only kept track of their time.

One Saturday, the group pulled over in a huge park and stopped to have a bite to eat  (Quest Bars and Water.) Lori noticed a friend from work across the park and peddled over.

Her pal, Suzanne was with a large group of men and Lori  was intrigued.  She spent 30 minutes chatting with Suzanne and rapidly meeting a passel of people. Then, her group was off and she caught  up with them. 

Janelle, the loud girl in the group yelled back to Lori that they guys looked pretty “Gray” code for: old and not available. Lori kept quiet. There were a two men who were very friendly and handsome.

The next day, Lori called her new-best-friend Suzanne, to chat and really to ask about the very cute, older, guy in he turquoise blue riding ensemble. Mr Salt and Pepper Hair had been very attentive to Lori. Suzanne was out riding her bike when she answered Lori’s call.

Above a cacophony of street noises they chatted. Before Suzanne hung up – Lori asked about the cute older guy. And she heard he was “Gray.” Click.

No problema. She liked older men.

It took several phone calls, a little Google research,  and time before our friend Lori realized Mr McDreamy  was Gay not Gray.





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Thou shalt not Flirt?


The Annual He-She Man Hating Club – Non Flirting Branch – were quite pleased with themselves.

The six card-carrying members had attracted four young women who might, perhaps join.  Club members served tea and finger sandwiches while they espoused their views on men, mating, dating and flirting.

The singular most important rule pertained to Not Flirting in Public. The Club members proudly performed their Club song:

 Rooty toot toot, Rooty toot toot! We are the girls from the Institute!

We don’t flirt – we don’t kiss- we don’t hug – we do things like no one does.

Rooty toot toot, Rooty toot toot! We are the girls from the Institute!

We hold hands, walk by your side and smile all the a while.

Behind closed doors, we do what we want, with whom,

and take the secrets to the  tomb. Rah!

Membership had been down – the members were dying to attract new women. Many had called – out of curiosity-  and none had joined.

In time, the Non-Flirting Club evaporated and no one spoke of it again.

The only lingering evidence was the picture.


What happens on St Patrick’s day…


He arrived in a cloud of bravado – replete with kilt, bagpipes and a brusque manner.

His faux brogue, and canned Irish quips were as welcomed as the cacophony from his bona fide, squeaky, bagpipes.

Siobhan thought he was the epitome of charisma. Kelly and Kathleen, the twins, were beguiled by his elan. His legs weren’t bad either.

As the day unfolded, and more Irish Coffees were passed around the room, the dilettante playing barkeep- kept filling trays with shots of Bushmill’s.

The man in the kilt grew more attractive. The camaraderie of the clan- all wearing shades of green and all manner of cliche Irish memorabilia- intensified. Capricious kissing and flagrant flirting were an anomaly – seen rarely – on weeknights and always on March 17th – St Patricks Day. Slainte!


Famous Dive Bar hits the skids


It was truth, not legend, that your shoes would stick to the dirty, sticky, old never-been-cleaned carpet at the bar.

Guys wearing running shoes or tie-up dress shoes didn’t notice. If your wore flip-flops to the bar – you only made that mistake once. Girls in ballet flats complained loudly that they couldn’t lift there shoes off the floor.

Sticky floors was the least of the problems. New Bartenders were hired – seemed like every other month. Arollo was the bartender who lasted the longest. He was as slow as molasses, we thought he had zero personality, and had no filter. Until he barked out something that caught attention and caused pause.

He would say anything that came to mind. If the patrons all looked too serious, he would blurt out an  attention getting quip.

Here are the “Top Five Arollos” we loved:

If a word in the dictionary were misspelled, how would ya know?

Dude! Gotta be nice to your children. After all, they are going to choose your nursing home.

Hey! All those who believe in psychokinesis – raise my hand.
If you were going to shoot a mime, would you use a silencer?

Psst! What’s another word for Thesaurus?

Arollo came and went – and we never forgot  his droll, off the wall wit.

When the Dive Bar bit the dust, we had “Remember The Arollo Day”

Most said, Half Witticisms were flying.



Happy New Year! 2017- Bring It!



“Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That’s why it’s a comfort to go hand in hand.”

Emily Kimbrough

Marty R didn’t have a chance


The nerd and the babe

Marty R admitted to being a little shy around women.

He was married right after college and was a dull, dutiful, dedicated, husband for 16 years.

A CPA, his favorite color was beige, his favorite flavor was vanilla and his favorite television show was Jeopardy, followed closely by The Big Bang Theory.

Marty R wore a pocket protector for years after they were deemed “Dork 101.”

Frustrated, his wife, Mary, dragged him to JC Penny to get rid of the high-water pants, the white socks and polyester everything. She guided him towards a more JC Penney hip look. He clung to that “look” for ten years.

Flash forward and his wife said she was b-o-r-e-d and could not bear to watch Jeopardy one more night. In no time, she was gone.

A year later, post divorce and the adjustment of living alone for the first time in his life – Marty R decided to make some changes. His therapist told him to get down from the cross and quit the martyr act. The irony was lost on Marty R.

Then he met Babs

Obvious to all around him, Marty R was classic nerd with zero fashion sense. He felt pretty confident with his polyester suits and neckties -so old – the neckties could double as spears.

Babs in Accounting took a fancy to our hero. She saw a sweet and kind man, making progress post-divorce and decided to make a pass at him.

To say he was a pushover, is putting it lightly. He fell for Babs on their first coffee date. He was so whipped, that when she commented on his wardrobe – he was agreeable to a makeover.

Their second date took them nowhere close to JC Penny and much closer to a romantic relationship. And so it began.




He was such a sub – dude


Henry said he lived in a mansion in San Francisco.


He claimed he was very athletic.


He said he and his mother were very close and celebrated holidays together.

There was just something about him that gave pause.

He was not a man’s man.  He certainly wasn’t a lady’s man….perhaps a Mama’s boy and given the plethora of broken promises – he was just mediocre, kind of a sub dude.