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Skipping a reunion? Don’t even think about it

“Class reunions are the most important events to man”  Sartre

“Maybe by the 50th,

with all their FRICKIN’ grandkids born,

their PRECIOUS traveling done,

and their SOB STORY surgeries completed,



            “Never miss a class reunion.” Goethe

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.

Mother Teresa

“To miss a class reunion is like missing jello at Benson – unthinkable.”




Beware! Going to the White House…

“Going to the White House was considered a great honor…”

Depending on Who Lives There


Big Sam for new USDA position. Any Qualifications? Zip


Trump Gives his Campaign Manager Sam Clovis USDA Position

You know what they say, ”Just cuz you was born in Kansas, don’t mean you know beans about Agriculture.’

However, Clovis was  national co-chair of the Trump-Pence campaign in the 2016 presidential election.

Clovis served in the Air Force for 25 years; and was a campaign manager. Thousands are scratching their heads: Sam Who for USDA?

He may know food – Sam is a large man – he doesn’t know Ag.

The Department of Agriculture was authorized a budget for fiscal year 2015 of $139.7 billion.


USDA Many of the programs concerned with the distribution of food and nutrition to people of America and providing nourishment as well as nutrition education to those in need.  Activities in this program include the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program,

In addition to his lack of experience in food and ag policy — Clovis has also been a consistent climate change denier and has ties to the Russia scandal plaguing the Trump administration.

Get this: Clovis has been serving as a USDA adviser for #45, in January signing off on a memo ‘ordering researchers to stop issuing press releases’ about their work in a possible effort to censor information about it. Really, Sam?



People want to know: What does Sam Clovis know about:

Farmers across America and scores of government officials say they are scratching their heads, their skin is prickling, they are disgusted by the old boys network and blatant nepotism of Trump choosing an inept, ill prepared radio host to head up an integral arm of the government.



She thought she said ‘gray’

birthday-cards-owl-quote-2Lori was an avid bicyclist. She belonged to two long-distance clubs and they travelled. There were five other single women in the group. Yes, they were competitive and a bit aggressive – however the women had a bond. They were all – nonchalantly- on the look out for: Rodney Right- Mr Big – The One.

Most of the men in the group were married, engaged or rabid riders who only kept track of their time.

One Saturday, the group pulled over in a huge park and stopped to have a bite to eat  (Quest Bars and Water.) Lori noticed a friend from work across the park and peddled over.

Her pal, Suzanne was with a large group of men and Lori  was intrigued.  She spent 30 minutes chatting with Suzanne and rapidly meeting a passel of people. Then, her group was off and she caught  up with them. 

Janelle, the loud girl in the group yelled back to Lori that they guys looked pretty “Gray” code for: old and not available. Lori kept quiet. There were a two men who were very friendly and handsome.

The next day, Lori called her new-best-friend Suzanne, to chat and really to ask about the very cute, older, guy in he turquoise blue riding ensemble. Mr Salt and Pepper Hair had been very attentive to Lori. Suzanne was out riding her bike when she answered Lori’s call.

Above a cacophony of street noises they chatted. Before Suzanne hung up – Lori asked about the cute older guy. And she heard he was “Gray.” Click.

No problema. She liked older men.

It took several phone calls, a little Google research,  and time before our friend Lori realized Mr McDreamy  was Gay not Gray.





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Paul Ryan’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good Plan- Danger



New York Times

Last week, President Trump’s sketch of a budget underscored how little interest he has in the nation’s social insurance programs —

proposing to shift $54 billion next year to the militarygun-1845347__340

from the civilian discretionary budget that funds many of the government’s social efforts.

“No other Congress or administration has ever put forward a plan with the intention of having fewer people covered.”


Under the House Republican plan, 24 million more Americans will lack health insurance by 2026, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

Of those, 14 million will lose access to Medicaid

and “choose” not to spend money — money they don’t have — on health insurance.


Millions more near-poor people in their 50s and early 60s will likewise be left without a policy they can afford.grandparents-1054311__340


Among those who survive, more are likely to report themselves in poorer health.
• Their rates of depression are likely to rise.
• Critically, their finances will certainly suffer.
• This provides a direct glimpse into how cutting off health insurance won’t just reduce access to health care among the poor.
• It will ricochet across society.


Just Say No – Do Not Accept


If American history provides any sort of guidance, it is that continuing to shred the social safety net will definitely make things worse.

Email:; Twitter: @portereduardo


All of the above was lifted from the New York Times article by Eduardo Porter at the New York Times





Saturday Night: Living Solo – treats or treaties?


Saturday Night – flying solo, Sweetie?

No Doubt about it…When you live alone –  Saturday nights, you can put on a green mud mask, take a leisurely bubble bath, condition your hair with that super-stinky-phenomenal-very expensive-pink lotion, hop in bed with a dinner of popcorn and wine– and watch The Crown, Big Little Lies or Billions.

You can read all the glossy magazines, talk on the phone and plan the following day’s calendar, complete your Gratitude list, touch up your nails, do 20 minutes of yoga…and binge on Netflix. And, make the Triple Chocolate Brownies for Book Club the next night…In your nightgown.

You get the last glass of that fabulous Kapriva Chardonnay; the last Piece of my heart Pizza, or the slice of triple chocolate cake from Le Grande Cake Maker…and you can watch Free Premimum Channels on  On Demand…every night.


Living together: Dose of Reality

Most Guys – don’t get “All of the above.”

Men are creatures of habit, and in need of real meals- on a daily basis.

(Note to self: Popcorn with protein packing Parmesan Cheese does not a meal make…)

Living together requires compromise, meal planning, give and take, negotiations, agreements, and a treat treaty now and then…

Trade off? You have a best friend, a partner, a live-in confidant, someone to share Life With on a Daily Basis…and to multiply the joy with – and delete some of the duress – who really doesn’t care about the stinko conditioner, who likes Frank Sinatra and will grow to love quinoa, Malbec and popcorn, ‘Big Little Lies, Bull, ‘and ‘The Good Wife’ and will introduce you to a whole new world…

What? You’ve never heard of Suits, NCIS, the Super Bowl, the World Series, THE PGA, the WCC, the AT&T…

It’s all about sharing…

candles-2000135__340    zaobpee_vv4-laura-ockel-2

Famous Dive Bar hits the skids


It was truth, not legend, that your shoes would stick to the dirty, sticky, old never-been-cleaned carpet at the bar.

Guys wearing running shoes or tie-up dress shoes didn’t notice. If your wore flip-flops to the bar – you only made that mistake once. Girls in ballet flats complained loudly that they couldn’t lift there shoes off the floor.

Sticky floors was the least of the problems. New Bartenders were hired – seemed like every other month. Arollo was the bartender who lasted the longest. He was as slow as molasses, we thought he had zero personality, and had no filter. Until he barked out something that caught attention and caused pause.

He would say anything that came to mind. If the patrons all looked too serious, he would blurt out an  attention getting quip.

Here are the “Top Five Arollos” we loved:

If a word in the dictionary were misspelled, how would ya know?

Dude! Gotta be nice to your children. After all, they are going to choose your nursing home.

Hey! All those who believe in psychokinesis – raise my hand.
If you were going to shoot a mime, would you use a silencer?

Psst! What’s another word for Thesaurus?

Arollo came and went – and we never forgot  his droll, off the wall wit.

When the Dive Bar bit the dust, we had “Remember The Arollo Day”

Most said, Half Witticisms were flying.