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SINclair and SINroymoore


SINclair Media’s Alabama TV stations joins the right-wing campaign to defend the accused pedophile Roy Moore


and discredit the “horrible, terrible, no good, mean”  

Washington Post story on him.



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Trump hires Former Head of KGB

Trump, announced to everyone that he trusts, he is not hiring Americans – he is hiring Russians.

Now he chooses a Former KGB Agent

instead of any of the  

All 17 American Intelligence Agencies,

 And is allowing the Former Head of KGB counter-intelligence to be

handed the Keys to US Embassy Security in Moscow.  


 WHO Trump HIRES and pays  $2.83 Million Contract!

Mr. Viktor Budanov and his son run Elite Security Holdings, which was just awarded the $2.83 million contract  to handle security for not only the Embassy,

but also  US Consulates in several cities to include St. Petersburg.

Trump has since been dogged by claims that Russia tried to Sway the Presidential Election in his favor; naturally,  allegations that both Trump and the Kremlin  deny.

As we all know: numerous  investigations are under way to see whether anyone from the Trump Campaign colluded with Moscow.



Ginger Lee – famous stripper quits


Ginger Lee, Atlanta’s Finest, was famous in many circles.

She started out in Burlesque – quickly mastered Pole Dancing and after having her first set of twins – followed in the steps of Sally Rand and grabbed a massive feather fan.

Her success was fleeting…and Ginger left the stage and moved to Our Nation’s Capital where many of her old friends worked.

She like to say that she worked under some of the biggest politicians in the nation.

In no time, she had a job at the EPA.


Wacko White Woman wows team with her naivete

In college, Kathy Hartnett was a party girl. She rarely attended classes and was a regular at the Student Union, nursing a Coke and pretending to study. She hung around with the football team.

She admitted, her goal was to her “MRS” at school. She said “her daddy didn’t raise no dummies.”


In Washington, it is not what you know – but who you know.

“Power Stations and Smoke = Good for Trees” KH White

A proclaimed “Science Hater” Kathy loves the attention she is getting. Her pal, #45, has catapulted her to fame and she loves the attention. A lot of the guys from the Football team are texiting her.

FR: The Huff Post

“Most of Trump’s nominees for other key science-based positions — notably EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt — agree with White’s twisted take on climate science and renewables.

What sets her apart, besides her penchant for calling advocates for combating climate change “pagans,” “Marxists” and “communists,” is her up-close-and-personal experience with climate change-related extreme weather events.”


She just wanted a few diamonds


Candy was a party girl. She lost interst in school – she got a job as a waitress -then became a cocktail waitress and was having the time of her life. Tips were flowing and there were parties all the time.

She met men ( both single and married) every day of the week and created a network of fellow “Fun Devils.” She claims she was never bored.

And then, the boredom hit the fan. Never in 1 million years did Candy ever think she would be bored with serving drinks and smiles. One of the old guys- a regular- once said if she ever needed a real job to contact him. Bingo.

In one week’s time Candy went from serving drinks- to a receptionist job in small law firm. it took a while to learn the names of the partners, and to become acclimated to the many machines she was using a daily basis.  She rose to the occasion – everyone in the office appreciated her bubbly personality and her diligence.

After several months, she was both liked and respected by everyone. Unbeknownst to the people in the office, she and Bradley J.  were dating very quietly, very surreptitiously. She knew he was “the one.” She also knew that she wasn’t getting any younger and was hankering for a diamond ring on her left hand.  She had dated enough to know Bradley J was a keeper.

And so it began, Candy created a very clever campaign to win the Bradley J. over and get that diamond ring of her dreams. She started with subtle comments about 14 carats.

Soup Kitchen Lines

After two months of no response-Candy decided she had to be more clever.

One day she sent her secret beau text message saying she was Craving 14 carrots.  (Spellcheck wasn’t working.)

That afternoon, Bradley J, put a brown paper bag on her desk. She was thrilled. She open the bag only to find the large, economy-size bag of pre-sliced carrots.

Frustrated-a little angry-she decided the panacea to this dilemma was to be more forthright.  That evening as they were walking towards her apartment, she steered him to the window of the famous jewelry store.

Staring at the tiny galaxy  of shiny diamond rings, she said, “Guess what I want?”

He said, patting the bag,  I know “Minestrone, Chianti and fresh French bread with melted butter. I’ve got it all right here.” 

Bradley J. was super book-smart and very slow when it came to Life 101. It took Candy  another two months to get him up to speed. Voila!



Healdsburg’s FREE Store for Fire Victims


Visit: The Free Store in Healdsburg for all North Bay Fire Victims


One Huge Warehouse filled with Men’s and Women’s Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Baby Diapers, Formula, Children’s Clothing, Play Pens…

Healdsburg Address:  190 Foss Creek Circle  ( In the BACK)

Tomorrow Open 10:00- 4:00 pm

See Help Here





Love me, Tinder? No way


Dreams of candlelight, roses, romance and rapture?

Avoid Tinder at all costs.

The Big Daddy of Online Dating, Barry Diller, the King of of IAC,  is the money behind a dozen of your favorite Dating Sites- including, Chemistry, OKCupid, Our Time, and Senior People Meet.

Diller’s latest game in town called Tinder ( has an estimated 50 million users. Really.

Note: Most users are bewteen the ages of 18-35.

Confused by all the fuss about the word swipe?  

Of course you are! Webster will tell you Swipe means to steal, pilfer, lift. On the Dating Website, Tinder- it’s all about swiping.

Swipe Right if you like me? Check out  The How To Tinder and, Lordy, Good luck!