Just a little advice…married men

Run, run as fast as you can…..

Myammy! Moving in together at 50...


Dear Binkie,

Yes, you are madly in love with the most handsome, sexy man. Sometimes, he treats you to lovely dinners at quiet, intimate restaurants – or he picks up a couple bottles of wine and appetizers and you “Stay In.”

You said he isn’t available on weekends. You thought you noticed a tan line on his left -ring finger.

He says he is so busy at work – not to call – just text.

Good for you, you googled him – however, his name is so “beige” ( like John Smith) you struck out.


You do the math. I think you already know, Mr Busy, Unavailable, Ring Finger Tan is married.

You know the mantra: Be Good to Yourself – Ditch the Dude.

The Best is yet to come.


Your pal in Myammy

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When you come to San Francisco be sure to wear flowers in your hair…



List of  items  Prohibited from being brought into Crissy Field

(Zone 1 – see map) on August 26?

A. Aerosols / pressurized canisters
B. Ammunition
C. Animals other than working service animals
D. Any other items determined to be potential safety hazards
E. Backpacks and bags exceeding the size restriction of 18” by 14” by 7”
F. Balloons
G. BBQ grills (propane tanks with any open flame)
H. Bicycles
I. Coolers
J. Drones and other unmanned aircraft systems
K. Explosives
L. Firearms (including licensed concealed carry firearms)
M. Gas Masks
N. Glass, thermal or metal containers
O. Helmets
P. Laser pointers
Q. Liquids (other than water in factory-sealed, clear plastic bottles)
R. Mace / pepper spray
S. Packages
T. Pop up tents or canopies
U. Selfie sticks
V. Shields
W. Signs exceeding the size restriction of 24” by 36” (Signs will only be allowed if made of foam core, cardboard or paper)
X. Structures
Y. Supports for signs and placards including sticks of any material
Z. Sticks or bats of any nature composed of any material
AA. Toy or replica guns
BB. Wagons or carts that can be pulled
CC. Weapons of any kind


Forrest Gump: San Francisco

Scott McKenzie

If you’re going to San Francisco
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair
If you’re going to San Francisco
You’re gonna meet some gentle people there

For those who come to San Francisco
Summertime will be a love-in there
In the streets of San Francisco
Gentle people with flowers in their hair

All across the nation
Such a strange vibration
People in motion
There’s a whole generation
With a new explanation
People in motion
People in motion…


Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

Albert Einstein


Advice: Get Out Now…


Robert Reich Writes:

A word on Afghanistan.
We have been there for almost 16 years.
There is no end in sight.
We have no strategy.
Our efforts there continue to be a collosal waste of human life.
Corruption is endemic.
Much of the money we’re sending there is ending up in the hands of warlords maneuvering against each other.
George W. Bush failed.
Barack Obama failed.
Before them, the Russians failed.
Everyone who has tried to bring order out of Afhanistan’s tribal chaos has failed.

We should get out. Now.

What do you think?”


See This: http://www.newsweek.com/robert-reich-end-sight-trumps-power-ebbing-away-fast-652616


I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war

that the bright daybreak of peace

and brotherhood can never become a reality…

I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love

will have the final word.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Bad Guys: Julie Kirchner – not Fair


In 2007 Julie Kirchner became the, Executive Director of the         poorly named “FAIR”

Agenda: During her tenure, FAIR launched an initiative to end the                             14th Amendment’s Birthright Citizenship Provision,                                                      which grants citizenship to All Children Born on American Soil, regardless of whether their parents are legal residents.

Is Not Fair and is very Unconstitutional

In 2010, FAIR’s so-called “Legal Arm, the Immigration Reform Law Institute, (IRLI) helped push an aggressive and ugly Arizona Senate Bill 1070, which required police to detain individuals suspected of being illegal immigrants and made it a misdemeanor for immigrants not to carry their immigration papers.

Fortunately, The Supreme Court subsequently found most of SB 1070’s provisions unconstitutional.

Julie is one of several anti-immigrant hardliners to join the administration since the election. 



Trump’s Hate Team anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant and/or anti-Semitic high-level appointees include Julie Kirchner,  Stephen Miller, Sebastian Gorka, Michael Anton, Kellyanne Conway and Julia Hahn.


The esteemed Southern Poverty Law Center classifies FAIR as a hate group, pointing to the views of its founder, John Tanton.

He worried about Latino birth rates and once warned a donor that one of his “prime concerns” was “The Decline of Folks who look like you and me,” according to The New York Times.

Keep an Eye on Julie Kirchner.images-79

Impeach Jam in your future? Recipe here

Timely and Much Needed….

Myammy! Moving in together at 50...


1 cup of Bitters

1 cup of Malice

Dash of of Egomania

Dollop of Arsenic

1 pint Pompous

12 Tablespoons of Arrogance

1/2 cup Imperious brand Disregrard

1 Bowl of Blatant Ignorance

Mix all ingredients until foaming, frothing, gassy.

Note: The Mixture will be explosive and bombastic

More ImPeach InformationSee Here

How To Impeach in the Unites States: Wikipedia

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How Crissy Field readies itself for a peaceful Saturday

A Fleet of Police Cards and Scores of “Paddy Wagons”

may block the entrances to

Crissy Field on Saturday Aug 26

You Are Not Welcome

is the message to all KKK NEO NAZIs and their ilk.

Just Wait: Permits to Gather will not be honored.


        Smart people in the Bay Area will Sit this one out

What If They Gave A Hate Rally and No One Attended?


What To Do in San Francisco Aug 26 –  Great Events


Run on the Beach15800557_1082399481866655_2759317984278660425_o

At first, he was Mr Right – then not so much


Julie fell madly in love with John before she even met him.

Her best friend, Cathryn, had been ‘selling’ him to Julie for three months before he even moved to California.

“You are going to love him!” was Julie’s mantra. Next, she would launch into how much John and  Julie had in common. The list was uncanny. They were both Yankees fans, Aires, Skiiers, quasi vegetarian, hiking-biking Mother Nature lovers who loved to cook.

For two years, Julie had dated a passel of people on Match.com and was both depressed by dating and at her wits end. This John guy sounded good.

Flash Forward six months: John arrives, moves in a mile away and they meet. Their first date is four hours and has Hot Romance written all over it. Their second date is twice as long – twice as much fun -and Julie is falling hard and fast.  John is tall, dark, handsome, flirty and romantic.

Then, he had to travel to India for two weeks – return home “sicker than a dog,” and they don’t see one another for a month.

He made no effort to call or text – she followed his lead. Confused.  She was beginning to wonder and have second thoughts.

It Happened in the Meat Department

Saturday morning, Julie was strolling the aisles of Whole Foods when she saw John across the crowded Produce Dept. Her heart leapt, she was excited. She quickly pushed her cart towards the mountain of citrus before she saw that John was shopping with someone. A woman. A Lulu Lemon clad, bleached blonde with ginormous cleavage.

She nonchalantly backed up her cart and slipped over to the Meat Department to pick up the lamb chops. Within a few seconds, John and Lulu walked right behind her. She was invisible. And she was crushed.  She left her cart in the aisle and quickly walked out of the store.

What truly depressed her was images of the many clowns on Match.com with whom she was going to have to engage. Her skin prickled. Her head was spinning.

Little did she know she was about to meet the real love of her life…japanese-cherry-trees-724289__180“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

We are the change that we seek.”

Barack Obama