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Online Dating Success: First Step


Online dating 101: You must be present to win

Oh, no, you don’t!

You can’t sign up for an online dating site and just sit back and hope to deluged with emails, paeans, love letters and accolades.

You have to get in the game. There is only one rule

Rule #1. Put time and energy into the pursuit. That means – every day – you sit down at your computer and open all the emails the dating company inundates you with – scan, read, toss. Repeat. Do read the profiles, review the “perfect matches” and be open to meeting new people.

 Play Ball!

Think of a football stadium with thousands of cheering fans. It really is a blur of faces, right? Well, truth be told – your virgin voyage on the high seas of Suddenly Single Again and Dating is like a football stadium and your goal is to get noticed. There are hundreds of singles – just like you- online.

How do you stand out? Who does the TV cameraman zoom in on?

 At a televised football games – the cameraman is seeks out quirky, crazy, and cute people and “interesting photo ops.                                 .”

Yes, the Whack-a-delic guy-with no shirt and the colorful clown wig gets a lot of attention.

And, the guys who paint their bodies with Day-Glo paint get noticed. However, the friendly, animated, fan with the big smile, and the really enthusiastic, passionate fan get airtime, too. You want airtime.


Do not post a photo of you five, ten or 20 years ago. Skip the French Maid or Batman Halloween costume. What about the hilarious Christmas Sweater photo? Not so funny.   Yes, all of the above get attention but, it is the wrong kind of attention.

 Your goal in the Dating Game – is to follow Rule #1: Get in the game, reach out, be open to new people. Skip the kinky and bizarre and you will be in the game before you know it.


Ready, Set, Done!

Write on, sister!


There were eight children at the dinner table every night.

If you wanted to be heard – you had to say or do something remarkable. The “big kids” were scholars or athletes and had dazzling reports each night: peer and teacher recognition, awards, games won, science fair awards. Therefore, the “little kids” and to rely upon sheer determination and innovation to earn any air-time.

Timmy went straight to Boy’s Life magazine and culled jokes – every night he told a joke – often hilarious- mostly corny- earning a collective groan from the kids. The parents smiled.

The twins – in second grade – always sang a song – from school or Blue Birds – often the same silly song, every night, for a week.

Left up to her own devices, Cherie – in fourth grade – wrote limericks, funny poems, offbeat haikus, kooky free verse and generally stole the show. Her father was especially entertained and collected her scraps of paper each night.

In June that year, on the last day of school, Cherie’s dad presented her with a bound copy of her poetry, limericks, rhymes and entertaining free verse.

She was never the same.

Freestanding door in the woods

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Million-Dollar Question.”