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Big Brother is watching and getting paid

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On Tuesday, the House of Representatives passed a bill


All Your Searches and Websites are no longer private….Look out!


that would allow Americans’ Internet histories, searches,  private communications, secret and sacred photos,  precious emails

to be bought and sold by

the Top Three Huge Telecom Companies like

Comcast (Xfinity), Verizon and AT&T, without American’s knowledge or consent!

SONY DSCThe U.S. Senate did the same thing a week ago.

Shame! Shame on you!

And, Hallelujah! A Super Hero appears via Twitter: Max Temkin:

Max Temkin @MaxTemkin
If this shit passes I will buy the browser history of every congressman and congressional aide and publish it. cc @SpeakerRyan https://twitter.com/arstechnica/status/846389367262318593


Change the channel? Militant Church?

old-691069_960_720Spooky: It is called, Church Militant. A Right-wing fringe group building multimedia empire near Detroit

They broadcast Pro-life, Anti-gay, Anti-feminist, Islam-fearing, Climate-change-denying, Orthodox Catholic news on the website churchmiltant.com

They are oozing through social media using a high-tech, professional Production Studios that rival those at local TV news stations.

Got 35 full-time employees (and are hiring!)

They publish about 10 scary stories and three vile videos daily.

They rest on the Sabbath.

Once upon a time, they tried to link themselves to the Catholic Church and were given a resounding cease and desist and hasta la vista, baby.

Bless ‘em

Caustic Slurs, snipes and slams – seems to be their modus operandi;

See USAToday



Caution! Gaetz Gets into a swamp

Uh oh! Trouble is a brewin’

Congressman Matt Gaetz is headed home to



 The freshman congressman introduced a bill to “Completely Abolish” the Environmental Protection Agency.

Mr. Gaetz has a packed  schedule for Feb. 23 in the suburbs of Pensacola

Starting at 7 a.m., he plans to visit the local Kiwanis Club for a  Squat and  Gobble Coffee Clatch

Next,  stop in for a pithy  a radio segment; then he is off to  attend a county commissioners meeting and attempt to play an educated, articualte  “civics teacher for a day” at a middle school. Good Luck, dude.

At noon, he caps it all off with a lunchtime rally at Grover T’s BBQ.


One of The Congressman’s friends posted:

“I need all patriots in attendance to protect Congressman Gaetz from any potential disruption of his speech,” Geoff Ross, the purported militia leader, wrote in a call-out on his private Facebook page.

“Concealed carry permit holders most welcome – don’t forget your ammo.”Gator20081017