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My Top 10 Florida Observations


Top 10 things I learned about Florida

  1. The drivers in Florida are infamous for being are the worst in the nation.
  2. The produce is a lot more expensive- and you are spoiled in California.
  3. Everything is located in a strip mall: doctors, dentists, gourmet restaurants.
  4. There are big box stores everywhere- BJ’s, Wal-Mart, Kmart, Marshall’s.
  5. Dunkin’ Donuts is on every street corner; Floridians eat a lot of donuts.
  6. It’s hard to find a Wi-Fi cafés.  It is hard to find a “coffee shop.”
  7. There are no bookstores. (Those two or three Barnes & Noble don’t count)
  8. Rain can fall in buckets, and miraculously cause traffic to crawl – then clear up instantaneously.
  9. The summertime clouds in Florida are breathtakingly spectacular. The hot, sticky humidity isn’t.

10. Everyone goes to the beach on the weekends- and it’s impossible to find a parking place- especially in light of the fact they just razed an 800-car parking garage.

Book club in Miami

And…There is a reason 1,000 people

per day

move to Florida.

Where are all the bookstores, coffee shops and parking places at the beach?


1000 people move to Florida each day.

And every day, at least 50% wonder:

“Where are all the bookstores? Really, where are they? Come one….

Where are all the coffee shops?”

(Note to Floridians: A fabulous Cuban Coffee Stand does not a coffee shop make…No, Dunkin Donuts is not a coffee shop)


The Hollywood “Broadwalk”* is one of Florida’s Jewels in the Crown.

The beautiful beach – pristine waters, white sand, perfectly planted palm trees, life- guard stations polka-dot the beach every block or so… and an industrious small army of paper-picker-uppers make the beach a “go to” place for hundreds of happy families every weekend.

Where is the parking?

Parking Meters run  24/7 at most South Florida beaches…

and it can be a near  miracle to find an available meter.

Californians often quote: “Everything is in a strip mall” – The best restaurants, TJ Maxx, fast-food restaurants, Bed Bath and Beyond…all in a strip mall.


Welcome to Florida!