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Miami Vice: Plastic Surgery rampant in So Florida?


Bizarro World– an alternate universe where things are in Reverse…

for centuries women have slimmed, girdled, and exercised to erase ample derrières

(Satan get behind me!)

 In the year 2019: Miami women ask:

“Do these pants make my butt look bigger? They do? Oh, good!”

Talking Floridian:

Women, in the know, call a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)


‘Rear End’

as in, “Last week, I saw Dr. Butz and I got Rear-ended.”



images-29AFTER a great deal of work

Florida Billboard: boosting Brazilian Butt Lift? Seriously?

 The actual billboard across from the Mall on Biscayne Blvd in Miami actually said:


“Hey! Look at me! Brazilian Butt Lift only $4999″*


Stunned – I snapped a photo of the billboard – while driving  …. and this is what I shot…IMG_0248

*Imagine, children,  a huge billboard –  

with a “Before” photograph of two old saggy – buns next to another photograph  of  an  

“After” photograph of two 20-year old buns.

You get the picture. Welcome to South Florida…

“My parents didn’t want to move to Florida,

but they turned sixty and that’s the law.”

Jerry Seinfeld

You want thighs with that? More “Brazilian Butt Lifts” in FLorida


Today’s Top Five South Florida Fun Facts, Flaws and Guffaws:

1. A very glamorous Florida city’s name is, translated, ‘Mouth of the Rat.’

2. Nefarious Florida Sugar Famers* think advertising on PBS will erase egregious behavior. Not so.

3. In Florida, Drug testing is required for Ambien prescriptions.

4. Female Newscasters on local networks wear high glam, heels, cocktail dresses, oversized necklaces to work everyday – starting at 6:00 AM. Can you spell “credibility?”

5. Your out-of-state-car insurance could double – add “Tag Agency” as a new part to your vocabulary.

FACT:   There are more  BBL’s (Brazilian Butt Lifts)  performed in Florida than any other Southern state. 
[BBL Doctor: “Madame, would you prefer Sand or Cement?”]

Sunshine State
Florida: The Sunshine State Home of the BBL

Florida’s Everglades, is seriously compromised after decades of sugar cane farming.Tens of thousands of acres of the Everglades have been converted from teeming sub-tropical forest to lifeless marshland due to excessive -SUGAR FARMERS -fertilizer run-off and drainage for irrigation.”

You can run

ads on PBS –

but you can’t hide…

Gator20081017Big Sugar in Florida

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