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Where are all the bookstores, coffee shops and parking places at the beach?


1000 people move to Florida each day.

And every day, at least 50% wonder:

“Where are all the bookstores? Really, where are they? Come one….

Where are all the coffee shops?”

(Note to Floridians: A fabulous Cuban Coffee Stand does not a coffee shop make…No, Dunkin Donuts is not a coffee shop)


The Hollywood “Broadwalk”* is one of Florida’s Jewels in the Crown.

The beautiful beach – pristine waters, white sand, perfectly planted palm trees, life- guard stations polka-dot the beach every block or so… and an industrious small army of paper-picker-uppers make the beach a “go to” place for hundreds of happy families every weekend.

Where is the parking?

Parking Meters run  24/7 at most South Florida beaches…

and it can be a near  miracle to find an available meter.

Californians often quote: “Everything is in a strip mall” – The best restaurants, TJ Maxx, fast-food restaurants, Bed Bath and Beyond…all in a strip mall.


Welcome to Florida!